Les Grands Chais Monégasques

The story
It was in the early 1900s that Mr Ginocchio, a Monegasque merchant, decided to set up a wine merchant's business, a hundred metres from the site where the port of Monaco was to be built with its commercial quay at the time.
Winner of the Gold Medal at the 1909 International Exhibition in Paris, the wine trade business expanded remarkably and in 1943 became the limited company "Les Grands Chais Franco-Monégasques", contributing to the development of the French wine trading.
The 1980s saw the arrival of a new management team at the head of the company, which took up the challenge of modernising this old House, while respecting its heritage, with the aim of adapting to the demands of the marketplace and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.
As the oldest wine cellar in the Principality of Monaco, we now distribute our wines in the most prestigious establishments and offer the widest choice of fine wines and rare spirits, from the largest Houses to the smallest producers, with the addition of some luxury delicatessen products such as the caviars of the Petrossian’s house.
In 2014, we marked our local attachment with our new brand name "Les Grands Chais Monégasques» and decided to give our customers the benefit of our long experience, by offering advice, and by helping them to acquire knowledge of the wines, through our wine events and private tastings.
To do this, we have undertaken major renovations to our cellars (fully air-conditioned and with regulated hygrometry) to make them even more welcoming, while retaining the soul and authentic spirit of this magical and unique place in the Principality of Monaco, which in itself is worth a visit... 
Authenticity, Passion, Experience, Modernity, these are our values!
The Grands Chais Monégasques