Each spirit contains an art, noble materials and the history of people in the quest for the perfect alchemy. In fact, the term spirit means the soul of the distilled product. Today, their complex aromas linger in our cellar.

Premium spirits are unveiled at les Grands Chais as Belluga and Kauffman vodkas; Taylor and Noval ports;  Black Tot or Diplomatico rums; Casa Dragones tequila ... and this is just a hint of our selection!

Visit Les Grands Chais Monégasques and dare a journey through the finest spirits of the world: from the heavy peated Islay Scotland whiskeys, to the harmony of Japan Single malts, the softness of tropical rums or the strength of northern steppes vodkas ...

Discover the wide selection of Whiskies, Rums, Cognacs, Armagnacs, Vodkas Tequilas, Grappas, Calvados, Ports, Gins and Sakes that are waiting for you in our store!