Deli corner

Grapes produce noble wines but they can also produce outstanding balsamic vinegars (aceto). That is why Les Grands Chais Monegasques proposes a range of luxury balsamic vinegars from Modena with different age indications, including the rare 150 year aged balsamic vinegar from Leonardi farmhouse.

At Les Grands Chais Monégasques you can discover how the art of aging these precious nectars is done:  exactly as for sherry wines, that is to say through the solera sytem, the big aceto barrels naturally lose part of their volume and they are transversed to smaller barrels once a year. Thus, each time an aceto is transversed, one coin will be printed on the label. Five coins on a label indicate for exemple that the vinegar was aged for five years !

Other gourmet products are also available in our shop, such as Cru olive oil or premium tuna fish in jar from Bormane prestigious farm. A range of foie gras from Cahors region signed Sudreau, awarded at the prestigious Agricultural Contest of Paris, complements our delicatessen display.

For those who love sweet products, we also propose a selection of premium jams made fom South Fance fruits and premium almond candies, known as calisson, from Lilamand traditional Provence sweet maker.