World wines

"Unico" by Vega Sicilia, "Massetto" by Tenuta dell'Ornellaia or "Opus One" by Mondavi-Rothschild are some of the premium world wines selected for you by Les Grands Chais.

Either traditional producers from the Old World, as the Italian Piedmont winemakers Bartolo Mascarello, Francesco Rinaldi or Angelo Gaja, or premium New World wines such as "Adriana" by Catena Zapata or "Dark Blossom" by Sine Qua Non, they all are represented at Les Grands Chais.

Step into our cellar and make a tour of the best vineyards of the world. From the crispy  Sauvignon Blanc wines from South Africa to the thousand aromas of New Zeland Pinot Noir and velvety Chilean Carmenère, wines from all the continents make part of our world diversity.  

If you are a sweet wine fan, do not miss our choice that includes outstanding Canadian Ice wine, elegant Hungary Tokaji or even lusciuous Spanish PX !